Weekend Runs

My plan for my weekend runs was an easier road run on Saturday as the final recovery run since last Saturday’s Hardmoors 55 race and then on Sunday to be back up on the Braes for at least 9miles but maybe 11.

Saturday – road run

I wore my Sketchers and set off with the idea that if my legs were feeling good I might do a tempo run for 4 miles after a warm up mile.  It didn’t take long to bin that idea as the wind and rain was pretty strong and wet.

So I decided to run nice and easy spending the time going over the Hardmoors 55 in my mind. Shirley, one of the race organisers, sent me the paper copy of the splits from Osmotherley so I entered them onto a spread sheet and worked out all the runners times.

I always find it interesting afterwards to see how I got on in relation to the rest of the field. I’ve picked out the top 3 runners then a few people who finished around me.

summary of splits

I was 41st at Osmotherley and finished 30th. I was 25th fastest from Osmotherley to the end which confirms what I was feeling on the day! But even better than my run was Mark Dalton who was 49th at Osmotherley and finished 29th! Impressive Mark.

I also merged the 2015 results into the all time list of runners for the Hardmoors 55.  I’m 61st out of 542 who have completed the race at least once.

Sunday – Gleniffer Braes Run with Cammie

My friend Cammie has entered the Devil O’ the Highlands race in August. It will be his first ultra having completed lots of other endurance challenges such as an Ironman and swimming the full length of Loch Lomond!

It was good to have a run together and I showed him my Gleniffer Braes loop. I also gave my new Hoka Mafate Speed shoes a first try out.

03-29 Mafate Speed

They feel a bit narrower around the toes so I could feel my bunion a bit but I reckon once I’ve run in them a few time they will expand a bit and be fine. The grip feels lot better with a more aggressive sole.

That is the first time I’ve run with Cammie even though I’ve know him since we came to Paisley. Cammie was in the church where I was Pastor.

03-29 with cammieWe had a great time chatting about lots of things. Cammie has used the Maffatone approach to his Ironman so well used to running to HR so we spent time chatting about that. he has enjoyed reading the various posts on this blog. There are more comments on my post from Thursday you may want to check out if you missed them.

Cammie was running very well and looks on course to having a great run in August at the Devils. We plan a few more runs together on Ben Lomond and the Kilpatricks in the next few months.

I have now completed the Jantastic Challenge. I finished on 100% without having to use a joker!

Janatstic 03-29Our Kilbarchan AAC team have done really well and I look forward to seeing whether we managed to stay near the top of the overall leader board.

The key thing is though that we are ahead of Giffnock North … what was the prize again Neal & Caroline????

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