Midweek runs

I was really pleased how quickly I feel I’ve recovered after our 55 miles over two days. I took Sunday off but have ran Monday and Wednesday so far this week.

Monday – morning run

I was up and out at 7am for a gently run. I spent the whole run going through the 55 miles we ran over the weekend. I reckon now I have a clear picture in my head of those miles. It makes such a difference knowing what is coming next and not having to be concerned at all about the route. I’m really looking forward to the race this year but there is lots to look forward to between then and now so I don’t want to wish the time away!

Wednesday – lunchtime run

I was back in work for a day so arranged to go for a run with Jonny at lunchtime. When I packed my bag before work it was quite cold so I packed a long sleeved top plus jacket and gloves. I didn’t need the last two and wished I’d put in a short sleeved top as it was pretty warm. Hopefully Spring is here to stay.

We had another good run together though I think we went a bit quicker than Jonny normally goes for a road run. It will do him good. Jonny is going to buy a HR monitor so we chatted about his Hr target for the Fling. We have a Ben Lomond run planned a week tomorrow so if we compared HR after that run it should give Jonny an idea of what to aim for in the Fling.

Tonight I will aim to get the latest whw race podcast out. It is a long interview with Robert Osfield but very interesting and well worth listening to!

We are off to Inverness tomorrow for a long weekend so I’ll be doing a couple of runs there plus a run on the Braes in the morning before we go.

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