Weekend Runs in Inverness

We were up in Inverness for the weekend visiting Jo & Jono.  I wanted to run 20 miles over the 2 days so decided to do a road run on Saturday and a off road run on Sunday.

Saturday – road run

Katrina is in taper mode for the London Marathon so wanted to do about 5 miles. We set off about 8am and ran the first 2 and a half miles together before Katrina turned round and ran back and I carried on.

Inverness Loop

It was quite cold and windy especially on the way into Inverness as I was running into the wind. It is quite a hilly route especially after running past Ragmore Hospital. A lady of her mountain bike went past me on the flatter part but I caught her on the hill! I was feeling good and enjoyed my loop around Inverness.

As I finished the run I suddenly realised it was Saturday and we could have done the parkrun! Ah well next time. After the run we went with Jo & Jono to Simpson’s Garden Centre for a well earned breakfast where they do any 6 items for £5.99!!

Sunday – off road run

Jo & Jono live near Culloden Wood and we’ve been for a walk around there so I worked out a loop of about 2.5 miles which I did 3 times. The first one I ended up out of the woods and had to find my way back in again. route 04-12 I got it right on the second loop and then for the third went the other way round.  I really enjoyed the run and was back in plenty of time to go to church.

Over the weekend I was following the World 24hr race from Italy. The live updates were excellent so it was great to be able to follow our friends and see how they were getting on.

Robert Osfield has received his Inov-8 jacket for winning my latest “Guess My Time” competition. He wore it for a race he did which he won!!

The jacket arrived yesterday so I got to try it out for the first time today when doing the Skidaddle Great Tartan Ultra (Inversnaid to Callander along the newly opened Great Trosssachs Path).  Not the greatest picture of me with the Jacket after completing the 31 mile event.  Small field in today’s run allowed me to find myself at the front at mile 22.  Got a bit carried away and burnt up the last nine miles for the win.  One lucky jacket 🙂

Congratulations Robert! jacket - robert

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