Club Fartlek Run

I’m enjoying going back to the club for our Monday Fartlek session. I’m planning to go once a fortnight if it fits in with my longer runs at the weekend. This week I had run 10miles on Saturday and 10miles on Sunday so felt ready for a quicker session on Monday.

There were four of us in our group. Steven and Norman were only doing 2/3rds of the session as they have the Fling and Boston Marathon respectively coming up in less than two weeks. This left Jennifer and myself to do the full session.

The session was a ladder with 1min (30secs recovery), 2min (1min), 3min (90sec), 4min (2min), 5min (2min), 5min (2min), 4min (2min), 3min (90sec), 2min (1min) 1min.  Steven and Norman missed out the two 5mins in the middle.

It was quite windy and wet but not too cold so I managed fine in my long sleeved top. I was keen to run as hard as I could with the aim of getting at least 5miles from the 30mins of faster running which is always my bench mark of a good run. With 2 x 5min in the middle it would be a challenge but I like a challenge!

I set off behind the other 3 and chased them down which gave me something to aim for. Once Steven and Norman turned back I tried to start far enough back to catch Jennifer half way through the run each time and it worked out well. I also think it gave Jennifer someone to chase over the second half of the run.  Jennifer left a comment on my strava post to say that she ran 4.6miles which was her furthest so it worked well!

Once home and stats downloaded I was pleased to see I had made the 5miles …

fartlek 04-13

My plan for the rest of the week is a lunchtime run with Jonny tomorrow (Wed) then Jonny, Cammie & I are doing a Ben Lomond run after work on Thursday. Saturday I’ll be running about 30miles from Den of Alyth to Spittal of Glenshee on the Cateran Trail as my recce for the race on Saturday 16th May.

I watched the video I made of the race to remind myself of the route. I’m really looking forward to getting back on the trail again.

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