Two speed sessions

My training plan this week is going to be a bit different to my normal week as we are off to London for the weekend as Katrina is running the London Marathon.  That means I won’t be able to run much at the weekend.

I decided to go our Kilbarchan Fartlek session on Monday and then on Tuesday I joined Katrina who wanted to have a run on the track in preparation for the Marathon.

Monday – Fartlek session

I wasn’t sure how my legs would respond after my 30 mile recce run on Saturday so I decided to take the first set steady and see how I felt.

The session was [5mins (2mins recovery), 3mins (90secs), 2mins (1min)] x 3

There were 3 of us doing the session, Ryan, Jennifer and me. My legs did feel quote heavy for the first set but then I was pleased that I felt I was running a bit smoother for the 2nd and 3rd sets. Ryan set off strongly on the first set and was leading the way but slowed down after that. Jennifer ran consistently throughout the session!

I was happy with my stats …

fartlek 04-20

Tuesday – track session

Katrina needed a lift to the track so I decided if I was going anyway I might as well join in. It was good to catch up with Neal and Caroline who are also running London on Sunday. We arranged to meet up at the Expo on Saturday.

As a number of runners were doing London the session round the track was 60secs fast 60secs easy for 30mins. I can’t remember the last time I ran on a track but it doesn’t make for the best photo of your route …

route 04-21

I ran a bit with Katrina, Caroline and Neal and pushed harder on some efforts than others. I ended up running over 5 miles so happy with this extra session.

I’m taking Wednesday off then plan to run Thursday (Ben Lomond), Friday (lunchtime at work) and Saturday (early before we head to London from Leek).

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