Ben Lomond Run

Thursday night so it must be a Ben Lomond run! Another amazing evening weather wise.  This week it was just Cammie and I as Jonny is doing the Fling on Saturday so obviously didn’t join us!

Cammie had planned an easier week so initially talked about just going up 40mins and 20mins down but I persuaded him to go all the way but take it slower on the way up. He decided to monitor his heart rate and keep it below 155.

We started together  but I pushed on after half a mile or so.  I decided to keep an eye on my HR aiming for around 138. It was such a beautiful evening.

04-23 loch

I wore my North Face Enduro pack and realised how much more comfortable it is than the Ultimate Aspire one.  I also wanted to test my Sketchers Go Ultra 2 and they passed with flying colours.

I reached the top in 1:11:45 with a HR of 134.  Time for a quick photo then I set off on the downhill run.04-23 top

Last week I really struggled with my Hoka Mafate Speed as they pushed against my bunion. It was so good this week being able to run down comfortably.  I’m still slow compared to others but at least I was faster than last week!

I reached the car park in 46:24 so just dipping under 2hrs for the round trip.

04-23 car park

Cammie arrived a few minutes later having taken 1:21 up (with a HR 156) and 36mins down (HR 139).

04-23 cammie

So another cracking run. Next week I’ll be doing my double Ben Lomond run in the built up to Cateran 55.  This weekend we are off to London for the marathon. Katrina’s number is 28748 (Green start) if you want to follow her progress!

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2 Responses to Ben Lomond Run

  1. stevenjjhill says:

    What a fabulous night it was for your run, glad the new shoes are working well for you.
    Best of luck to Katrina on Sunday she has earned her place from her previous marathon and can go out and enjoy the atmosphere and I’m sure she will post another great time. Safe journey.

  2. Amazing views up top, very jealous to be stuck tapering and keeping on the wee hills. Still plenty of fun tomorrow!

    Pass on best wishes to Katrine for her Marathon. What an adventure it should be for us all this weekend 🙂

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