Midweek Runs

With the Cateran race just over a week away I’m almost in Taper mode. I wanted to do one more Ben Lomond Run which I did last night.

Earlier in the week I thought I wouldn’t be able to run the Cateran race. Our plan was to travel to Spittal of Glenshee on Friday night and camp in our camper-car before the race which starts at 7am.

But due to a family commitment I’m not able to leave until Saturday morning. Race Director Karen Donaghue very kindly said I can arrive just before the start so I plan to leave Paisley at 4am, drive the two and a bit hours to the start and run!

It is not the ideal preparation but it is either that or not run and I’m keen to do the race.  To be honest I never sleep that well before a race so I’m sure I’ll be fine.

Wednesday – Road Run after work

We had a team meeting at work all day on Wednesday so I was ready for a run after sitting around all day. I tried to keep my breathing nice and easy and enjoyed the run.

Thursday – Ben Lomond Run

Jonny’s foot has been a little sore after the Fling so he wisely decided to give this run a miss. So it was just Cammie and I last night.  The conditions over the past three weeks have been so different.

Two weeks ago we went up and down in almost perfect conditions – dry, warm and no snow. Last week it was very cold and windy and the snow was really thick for the final 1,000ft and this week there was just a few patches of snow but still with an chill near the top.

Cammie followed me up and then left me for dust on the way down. He looks so comfortable running down the Tourist Path especially in comparison to me!!

That will be my last Ben Lomond run for a few weeks due to the Cateran race but I think Jonny and Cammie plan to carry on without me!

I’ve decided to do the parkrun at Pollok Park tomorrow. It will be interesting to see what speed I have in my legs a week before the Cateran race.

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