Midweek runs

I was looking forward to getting back to my Ben Lomond runs. Due to a work commitment we switched to Wednesday night from our normal Thursday but thankfully Jonny and Cammie were able to still join me.

Thursday lunchtime I had an easy 7miles planned but I’ve decided to make it a tempo run if I’m feeling okay.

Wednesday – Ben Lomond Run

The weather forecast wasn’t too good but in the end it wasn’t too bad. It was pretty windy on the top and very cold but no rain.  As both Jonny and Cammie are far faster than me on the downhill I decided to push the pace a bit on the way up in the hope of taking a bit out of their legs!!

Cammie and I dropped Jonny fairly early on but he was not far behind so we carried on knowing he would catch me on the way down. I was feeling strong and pushed hard to the top. Cammie hung on until the final 20mins or so.

I reached the top in 1:13:48 (with a HR of 138). I think that’s the fastest I’ve been up for a while.  I didn’t wait around as I knew they would be flying past me soon enough.

After 15mins or so Cammie went flying past on his way to a 32 min descent. It’s been great to see how quickly Cammie has improved over the last 6 weeks or so on these runs and is looking good for his first ultra in August.

I felt I was moving downhill a lot better than I have since last year. For the first time in ages I felt I was running downhill rather than breaking.  Jonny still caught me though!!

I descended in 42:07 (HR 135) so I was really pleased with that.  The trip took me 1:55:56 overall.  I plan to run once a week for the next couple of weeks so will see if I can get it a bit lower.

Thursday – lunchtime road run

For my run this lunchtime I decided instead of an easy 7 miles I would do a 3 mile tempo effort in the middle. So I ran 2 miles easy, 3 at tempo pace and 2 miles cool down.

I felt I was moving well and happy with my splits once I had downloaded them …

tempo 05-29

Katrina was looking for a pair of Sketchers the other day and came across this site www.tonyprycesports.co.uk

They were selling the Go Run Ride 3 for £30 instead of £75 so I bought a pair.  They arrived today.

Sketchers GoRun 3

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