Midweek runs

I had a similar pattern to last week with a Tempo run and a Ben Lomond run but this time the other way round.

Wednesday lunchtime – Tempo run

I was keen to run 4 miles at tempo pace so after a 2 mile warm up I ran the 4 miles and then a cool down.  I wore my new Sketchers Go Run 3 and they were very comfy.

Here are my stats ..

tempo 06-03

I was happy with that and felt I pushed pretty hard.

Thursday – Ben Lomond Run

Cammie had to get home early so he ran on his own earlier.  As we approached Rowardennan we saw him driving away. We had a quick chat and Cammie said he had got up in 1:12 so that became my target!

Jonny and I set off together but we agreed that it was best for us to go our own pace as I tend to be stronger on the way up and Jonny is definitely quicker on the way down.

I decided to run as much as I could could on the way up and was pleased I was feeling strong.  I got to the top in 1:06:53.  I pushed as hard as I could on the way down and was pleased to see that I’d made it down in 40:33 which is my quickest for a while.

I thought it would be interesting to compare our mile splits from Strava ….

:JR Ben Lomond

I like the way Strava sets things out. It notices when you have down the same run and compares them.  So here is my comparison of my Ben Lomond runs over the last year or so.

Ben Lomnond runs

I’ve been taking my weight each Friday this year and I’ve been pleased that I’ve kept it around 11st 3lbs even though it has fluctuated a bit over the last few weeks.


Tomorrow I’ve planned an easy run on the Braes because on Sunday Katrina and I are running in the Milngavie Trail Race which has been organised by Graeme Reid and his local Scout group.  It is 8.5 miles and runs along the whw route. Report to come!

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