Milngavie Trail Race Splits

I decided not to run on Monday night and give myself a day to recover from Sunday’s race. Instead I got up early on Tuesday morning and ran just over 10 miles before work.

I ran the route that I ran regularly over December/January. I was interested to see what my pace would be compared to my fitness then. With the wonders of Strava I’m able to find out very easily!

paisley loop compared

I’ve done it more than 4 times but I often run the reverse direction for variety. But comparing the 4 runs this was by far the fastest so I’m happy with that!

The other thing I like about Strava is being able to see mile splits of other runners in the same race. So I compared my mile splits with a few runners ahead of me.

splits 06-07 Milnagvie

We all had a very similar pattern with the 3rd and 7th miles being the slowest. The 3rd was the up hill and the 7th on the more technical twisty path. My splits with ascent and descent helps to get a sense of the course.

my splist Milngavie

As does the profile …

profile 06-07

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