Ben Lomond and Gleniffer Braes Runs

My normal routine after a big back to back weekend is to have an easy week but this year I’ve had to change things round a bit. So the plan is to have a couple of medium weeks, then an easy week.

I did the Sustrans race on Wednesday which was a good hard tempo run. Then Thursday night I did a Ben Lomond Run and then today a run on the Gleniffer Braes.

Thursday night – Ben Lomond Run

It was Jonny’s birthday so Frances wanted to surprise Jonny with a meal at the Oak Tree after our run so it was all a bit cloak and danger. Katrina was keen to come for a run and the meal so I thought it would be good to go up and down the Tourist path for a change.

I didn’t want to push too hard so this was perfect. Jonny was keen to try out his poles on the Ptarmigan ridge so we went different ways. Katrina planned to go for an hour or so so and then head down and I would carry on to the top before descending the same way.

The weather was horrible. Cold, windy and very wet. It really felt like winter again. Katrina turned round before we got into the mist which was a good idea as it just got worse the higher I went.

I met Jonny about half a mile from the top. He looked as cold as me!! I made it to the top and then ran down. I didn’t want to push it after the weekend but also the rocks were pretty slippy and I didn’t want to fall.

It took me over 50mins to get down. When I got to the car Jonny said he was just about to come and look for me!

We headed back to the Oak Tree and had a lovely birthday meal. I considered other options for a few seconds but went for the Steak and Mushroom pie and chips which is soooo good.

Friday – Run on the Gleniffer Braes

I collected the whw goblets from East Kilbride then once home went up on the Braes for a run. I decided to not think about pace but concentrate on running to a heart rate of around 130.  hr 06-19 braes

The two drops in HR were the downhill sections. I need to push it a little harder on the downhills.

It feels really strange not running the whw race but being involved on the support side.  My role this year to is basically sweep through the checkpoints and collecting all the timing chips as the checkpoint closes.

I’ve put together a rough guide for my weekend.

West Highland Way timetable

I’ve packed my running kit but I’m not sure if I’ll get a chance to run.  I’m really looking forward to supporting throughout the weekend and seeing how everyone gets on.

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