Supporting whw race and a tempo run

Another superb West Highland Way Race. I spent the majority of it near the back of the field as I visited each check point to help close it down and take the timing equipment back to SI.

I did see all the runners through Balmaha though and it didn’t surprise me that Paul Giblin broke his record again as he looked so comfortable after 19 miles.

There were lots of great performances and I particularly enjoyed following the progress of Rhona, Alan and Annette who I interviewed regularly for the whw race podcasts. They all finished which was great!

I have sorted out the splits and posted on the race web site if you are interested in that.

I went out for a run at lunch time today.  I wanted to do at least 10miles so chose a route which around Pollok park rather than through it.

route 06-22 pollok

I wasn’t quite sure what pace to run at today after having so little sleep over the weekend. I decided to run as I felt without checking my watch too often. After 4.40 miles I glanced at my watch and saw it was 7.22 pace.

I pushed on and was happy to see I’d run the 10.35 miles at 7.18 pace which counts as a Tempo run!!

hr 06-22 tempo

This week is the Dragon’s Back ultra which takes the runners from North Wales to South Wales over 5 days.  There is a live tracker and so I’ve been watching how Andy Cole and Jez Bragg are getting on in particular.

live tracking

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