Double Ben Lomond Run

As we leave for our holiday in Indonesia on Saturday to meet our grandson Thursday’s run up Ben Lomond would be the last one before the Lakeland 100. So I was keen to do a double run and Jonny joined me.

We decided to do the fist loop together. Jonny led the way up and I led the way down. Then for the second loop we would go our own pace so I was ahead at the top and Jonny caught me on the way down!

We prefer to go up the Ptarmigan ridge which means we get a good run down the tourist path.

profile 06-25

The weather was okay. It was pretty misty on the top so the visibility was non existent but we’ve seen the view lots of times!

We chatted all the way up. Jonny was practising with his poles which he’s going to use for the Lakeland 100. He was moving well with them.

We paused quickly for a photo and then headed down. top

I had a head start as Jonny took a couple of minutes to pack away his poles. He caught me about half way down and we finished off the first leg together.

1st loop:

  • up 1:19:28
  • down 44:14
  • total 2:03:42

We stopped for 2mins to refill our water at the car and then set off for the second loop.  I was keen to try and run the second one faster so I pushed on and we climbed separately.

I was pleased with how well I was going and happy to see I had got up quicker than the first one.  I expected Jonny to catch me on the way down and he did with less than a mile to go.

2nd loop:

  • up 1:15:22
  • down 45:49
  • total 2:01:01

The 2 loops had taken me 4:07:07 and Jonny was about 90secs faster!


Selfie at the end!

We both really enjoyed the run and felt it really gave us a great session. I’m hoping that all these Ben Lomond runs are really going to help me when it comes to the Lakeland 100 in 4 weeks time!

I’m going to do a run on the Gleniffer Braes tomorrow morning before we head to Edinburgh Airport to catch our flight to Jakarta via Doha.

As I’ll be away I’ve decided to open my ‘Guess my Time’ Competition tomorrow so watch out for that. Another great price from ultramarathonrunningstore!

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