Running in Malang

We arrived at Malang yesterday to visit our grandson Noah and of course Emma & Yonas. It was a long but fine journey. In summary. .

  • 1hr car drive to Edinburgh airport
  • 7hr flight from Edinburgh tom Doha
  • 10hr layover at Doha Airport
  • 8hr flight from Doha to Jakarta
  • 10hr stop in Jakarta (in a hotel!)
  • 1hr 30min flight from Jakarta to Malang
  • 30min car drive to Emma & Yonas’s house

It was pretty straight forward just long but all worth it to first cuddle with Noah.
This morning I decided to get up early and go for a run. I worked out a route yesterday when we went it for a walk. Emma & Yonas live at the top of a steep hill so all the runs from here start downhill and finish uphill!

When I was running with Keith Mabbot during the Cateran trail he explained how he used Strava to find some runs in the area he was staying. I went on to strava and looked for segments near where we are staying. There were quite a few.

Then I picked on one and looked the leaderboard and found some people who had run this area. The house is in a fairly new area so the streets  and quiet and away from the traffic.

I worked out a route which stayed within the area and it worked it well. I passed a lot of Chinese who were out walking. There is a Chinese University nearby where they work and study.

My plan this week is to do 3 easy runs but the hills make it a bit harder than easy! Anyway I felt good and was happy with my run.


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