Saturday run

For my third run this week I decided to do a slightly longer loop. I set off at 6.20am and ran Thursday’s route the other way and added an extra loop or two to make up 8miles. 

As Emma & Yonas live at the top of a hill I’m always going to finish on an up hill. The profile of the run tells it’s own story. 

I ran a bit quicker today (8min miles) with HR of 136 and felt good. My plan is to run 4 times next week with a bit more intensity with an interval session or two.

Yesterday I had a game of Badminton with Yonas. He gave me a good thrashing but I did take him to 20-20 in one game before losing 22-24!!

Then we had a day out at an excellent transport Museum at Batu ( about a 45min drive away).


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