Farltek Run in the heat

I wanted to do a final Fartlek session before the Lakeland 100. I asked Emma whether it would be okay to run down to her school and do some laps on their playing field as I was keen to run on the grass and away from the traffic.  

It was just over a mile to the school and after a few warm up laps including some strides I started the session. I decided to do 15 times 2mins with a 1min recovery. Each 2mins was around 2 laps and the recovery minutes anther 3/4 of a lap so I reckon I ran over 50 laps!

I was interested to see whether I could make 5miles but a combination of the tight bends and the heat meant I was happy with 4.60miles. 

After 5 sets I reversed the direction for a bit of variety! Then for the final 5 I did 3 in one direction and the last 2 the other way. After 10 sets I gave myself a 2 min recovery as I was struggling a bit! I’m glad I took some water as I needed it. 

Here are the splits .. 

One of the things I noticed was that my heart rate in the recovery stayed quite high. I assume the heat had something to do with that. I’m hoping that my body is adapting a bit to running in the heat. Some posted on Facebook yesterday that there is a heat wave forecasted for the weekend of the Lakeland races so if that is true I’m hoping to be well prepared! 

We went shopping yesterday and I found a Skechers shop with a sale on so I bought a pair of Go Ultra 2’s for £40.  Bargain!!  I’ve not seen them in black before.  

No post at the moment is complete without a photo of Noah so here is one of my favourites …


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