Hill reps

For my run this morning I thought I would take advantage of the fact that we are staying at the top of a hill. So I decided to do 3 x 1 mile runs.  I ran down the hill to start then up running hard, then an easy run down before repeating two more times.  

   I was hoping that each mile up hill would be faster than the one before. With that in mind I ran the first one hard but not super hard. It took me 8:06 so sub 8mins became the target for the 2nd one. I had taken a split around half way and I was 1 sec down. I pushed hard up the final climb and was pleased to see that I had taken 7:49 so 17secs off. 

 I had hid a bottle of water so I could have a drink after before the last one and I’m glad I did as it was getting warm. I wasn’t sure if I would be faster on the 3 rd one but I hoped it wouldn’t be the slowest.

I tried to push hard from the start and I was milk eased to see I was 9 secs up at half way. That gave me the push to work hard right to the top. I stopped the watch on 7:32 so another 17secs quicker. 

I had planned to run on Sunday morning doing three of my 5 mile loops but I’ve been invited on a bike ride with a teacher friend of Emma’s called Mike and his dad who is visiting from USA. They are keen cyclists and have good bikes from America. They are going to borrow a bike for me so I’m really looking forward to that.

So I think I’ll do two loops tomorrow instead. That will be my last harder effort. I’m starting my two week taper next week. The Lakeland is getting closer by the day! 

Yesterday we had a great day out at the Taman Safari Park which is about an hour away from here. We had a great day. It was an excellent park with a safari drive round and lots of interesting shows to watch. We even got some photos with some chimps and a tiger cub!  


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