Last longish run before Lakeland 100

Initially I was going to run tomorrow (Sunday) but I’ve been invited on a cycle ride with a teacher from Emma’s school and his dad so I decided to run today instead. 

I ran the 5mile loop I did on Monday. The first loop I took nice and easy and then pushed the second one harder. I stopped off for a drink of water after the first loop. The first loop took me 45:26 and the second one 40:37 which was 14 secs faster than Monday’s run. 

I wanted to do a few more miles as a cool down. I found the really hard as I pushed it pretty hard up the hill on the second loop. It gave me over 40 miles for the week. That was my

 Last hard session before the Lakeland 100. I’m planning to run 4-5 more times but they will all be easy. I’m happy with my build up and feel I’ve given myself the best chance I can to do well it the race. 

One of the things I have found interesting is getting kudos on my runs on strava. We are 6 hours ahead so when I finish my run about 7.30am and upload it the time in the UK is about 1.30am and yet within a few minutes friend have sent me kudos!  What are folks doing up at that time!! 

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1 Response to Last longish run before Lakeland 100

  1. Steven Hill says:

    My excuse for night time kudos is being awake with the wee one. Otherwise I’d be snoozing. 🙂

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