Taper time

I feel a two week taper is about right for me for a 100 mile race. I’ll be running every other day and this time I’ve decided to do it completely on HR. Each run will be between 5-7 miles and I’ll aim to keep my HR around 125. I won’t worry about pace at all.

Today I set off with a different route in mind which I thought would be about 6 miles. It turned out to be just over 7 miles but that’s okay! It felt pretty warm today even at 6.30am so I was quite happy to work on my HR.  

 It’s actually quite hard to have an easy run here as it’s all up hill or down hill! So at least running by HR I know I’m keeping things as easy as possible.  

We had a great day yesterday. Yonas took Katrina & I to Bromo to see the sunrise from the top of a mountain at 9,000ft and then we visited a live volcano. 

   I made a short video of the trip. It’s on my Facebook page if you would like to see it. 

Our cycle ride planned for Sunday was postponed but the plan is to go tomorrow so I’m looking forward to some cross training as part of my taper!! 

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