Final run in Malang

My three weeks visiting Emma, Yonas and Noah is almost up. I fly home this afternoon. I have a flight from Surabaya to Jakarata (90mins), 5 hours in Jakarta airport, flight to Doha (8hrs), 3 hours in Doha airport, flight to Edinburgh (7hrs) arriving 1:05pm on Sunday afternoon. Hopefully I’ll be home in time to watch the final round of the Open from St. Andrews!! Katrina is staying two more weeks.

For my final run I went on the same route as Thursday. Again I kept my HR around 125 though I did let it go up to 135 on the final hill. I was feeling good and just went with it.

As I type it is 7:45am in Indonesia so that is 1:45am in UK. So a week today The Lakeland 100 race will have been going for 7:45. If I’m going to plan I’ll have left Buttermere and climbing up the hill. I have given Katrina a rough plan so she can follow me next weekend. I’ve signed up for Facebook updates so hopefully friends can follow my progress.


Final photo of Emma, Yonas and Noah.  

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