Food and pacing plan for the Lakeland 100

At lunch time today I went for my final run before Friday’s Lakeland 100. I have recently moved office so I’m now based at a secondary school on the other side of Pollok Park. I can still do a similar loop but from a different place.

Today I ran 5.76 miles nice and easy. I ran off road as much as I could. I spent the time thinking about the race and the fact that it will be my next run. I’ve had this race in the back of my mind for 3 years since I struggled to finish in 2012. Now it is less than 48hrs away.

The Lakeland 100 is an unsupported race so the organisers provide food at the checkpoints. This makes preparation and planning easier but also is challenging because you have to take what’s on offer. Thankfully there is lots of soup and good food so I’ll be fine.

The race publishes what will be available at each checkpoint so I’ve looked through it and worked out what I plan to take at each checkpoint. I find this is the best as otherwise you can waste a lot of time trying to decided what to take. Whether I take all I plan we’ll see but at least I have a plan.

I’m going to alternate between my Matrix Energy Boost drink and Tailwind. At each checkpoint I’ll aim to eat something and then maybe take something to nibble between checkpoints. So here is my plan.L100 food

The other thing I like to do in my preparation is to have my mini-splits for the race. 105 miles is a long way so I find it really helpful to break it down into bite sized chunks.

In this race I’ll be aiming to keep my heart rate around 125.  So I’m not going to be too worried about the times but I’m going to have a look at the plan after I’ve reached the mini-split to give me an idea of how I’m doing. The good thing about running to HR is it is what it is. If I’m in good shape then I’ll be able to run faster with that HR. If I’m not as fit then I’ll run slower. Simple!

I have cut up the sheet into each leg and laminated it so I can easily carry it. On the back I’ve written what I plan to eat at the checkpoint. I also have a card for each leg which has the profile for that leg so I’m reminded what’s coming.


If you are interested in what I’m aiming for then have a look at the complete spreadsheet.

If you would like to follow the race then here is the link you will need ….

Follow the Lakeland 100 at

I’m number 172.

I have also signed up for updates to be posted on my Twitter account after I’ve gone through each checkpoint so if you want my to see my progress follow me @jkynaston

SIEntries who organise all this have not been able to get agreement with Facebook to publish the updates directly to our Facebook page so I’ve asked my friend Steven Hill to post my updates on my Facebook page instead. So again if you are my ‘friend’ on Facebook you will be able to follow my progress.

Finally I’m not taking my iPhone. I have a cheap phone which is lighter and lasts for ever. If you would like to send me a text to encourage me along the way then the number is 07798 881124.  I won’t be able to reply until after the race but it would great to get some messages throughout the race!

Final finally … My Guess My Time Competition is now closed. I will post all the guesses in the morning.

Right I’m off to finish my packing for the weekend. Jonny & I are leaving tomorrow afternoon after work. We are staying with Dave & Tracey in Keswick before driving down to Coniston on Friday morning in time to register, relax and get ready for the race starting at 6pm.

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