Club Fartlek session

I decided to go along to our club Fartlek session last night. It was the first time I’ve done a speed session for a couple of months. I was looking forward to seeing how my legs (and the rest of me) would cope with running a bit faster!

There were 5 of us doing the session of 6 x [3min (90sec recovery), 2min (1min)]. Norman and Catherine who are running Paisley 10k on Sunday did half the session while Ryan, Euan and I completed it.

I took the first set quite comfortable and then basically tried to get a little bit quicker as the session progressed. I was really pleased with how I felt. My stats …..

fartlek 08-24

It’s always good to make sure the last set is not the slowest and I was happy that it was the fastest!

Hugh Cook who won my ‘Guess My Time’ Competition for the Lakeland 100 has received his key ring and Hokas from

Thanks to Keith from the ultramarathonrunningstore for sponsoring the competitions this year.

hugh cook gmt

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