Ben Lomond Run

Last night was such a contrast to last week weather wise. Last week the cloud base was half way up the Ben whereas last night it was such a clear night and the views from the top where superb.

I struggled last week both going up and coming down so my aim last night was to try and run at least 5 mins quicker both up and down.

I set off about 5.25pm and met quite a few walkers early on who were making their way down the Ptarmigan Ridge.

I ran the bits where I feel I should run and walked hard on the rest. My HR was around 135. It was a bit windy near the top but not cold at all and the views were amazing.

I reached the top in 1:13:56 which was 6mins faster than last week. I stopped for a couple of minutes to take a photo and video which is on my Facebook page.

John 09-03

The ground was a lot drier than last week so I was able to run a bit quicker on the way down. I still felt a bit stiff and was working hard not to be breaking all the time. I reached the car in 51:50 for overall 2:07:41 which was inside my 2:10 target! Next week I’ll aim for sub 2hrs!!

Tonight we are heading down to South Wales to visit Katrina’s family so I’m planning to do a long run on the Brecon Beacons tomorrow.

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