Guess My Time Competition Marathon de Ben Nevis

My next ultra is coming up soon so it’s time to open up my traditional ‘Guess My Time’ competition.

As always all you need to do is guess how long it will take me to run the 42 mile Marathon de Ben Nevis  on Saturday 19th September in hours, minutes and seconds.

I’ve not ran this race before. In fact I think this is first time its been run as a running race after quite a few years as a mountain bike race. This year the organisers ‘No Fuss’ events are doing both. We runners start at 6am and the mountain bikers at 10am.  I’m hoping they won’t catch me!

Here is the route ….route 09-19

I’m not sure about what time I’m hoping for but it is about the same distance as the Devil o’ the Highlands and I think I would be around 7:30 if I was running that race so I think my three goals will be …

  • bronze – sub 8:30
  • silver – sub 8:00
  • gold – sub 7:30

The good people at have once again provided a prize for the closest guess. A bottle of Suceed S!CAPS which I use on all my ultra races.

prize GMT sept 15If you want to take part you will need to send me your guess by 6pm on Thursday 17th September by …

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21 Responses to Guess My Time Competition Marathon de Ben Nevis

  1. david says:

    7:23:37. Good luck!

  2. Keith says:

    7:33:45 Have a great race

  3. Pierre says:

    7h28mn12s. Bonne chance Monsieur John!!!

  4. Do you know the ascent/descent on route? What is the mix of trail/road+open hill side like?

    • Hi Robert
      I’ve not had a chance to recce the route. The first 14 miles is familiar as it’s the whw but in reverse. Overall climb is around 6,000ft according the web site. I think it must be all on decent paths as it’s also a mountain bike event.

  5. Ollie Harrison says:

    Hi John,

    I used one of your handy spreadsheets from a previous fling race to help me over the line in sub 10hrs for my first Hoka Highland Fling race this year. So thanks for that 😉

    I reckon you will average 10:30min/miles so a finish time of 7hr 22mins!!!

  6. Paul Rutter says:

    Good luck John! 7:52 for me please.

  7. Emma Robson says:

    oops sorry 7:45:22

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  9. Kynon says:

    7:47:19 is my guess.

  10. David McCauley says:

    Gonna go sub 7, 6hrs58mins..
    Thanks for the help with my suunto external charger, worked a treat..
    Dave McCauley..

  11. John Dingelstad says:

    I guess that you get round in 7:42:10.

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