Midweek runs and plans for next year

As I’m working towards my next race which is a week tomorrow I’ve had a couple of runs after work over the past two days.

  • Wednesday – 6.13 miles on my Paisley loop at 8:06 pace
  • Thursday – 5.52 miles around Brodie Park. I ran four laps (1.07 miles) alternating easy/hard laps

Even though I have two ultra races to go this year I’ve been thinking more and more about next year. As ultra running is becoming more popular and races filling up quickly you do need to get in there quick for some races. The 2016 Lakeland 100 reached its limit of 350 in 6mins! Also I do like to plan ahead!

I had decided to try and get a place in the UTMB next year. I have the required 9 points from 3 Hardmoors races last year. It is a race I have watched from afar and always thought I would like to try.

There are various things about the race that basically I don’t warm to (plus Katrina couldn’t join me as it’s in school term) and over the past few weeks I’ve been trying to convince myself I do want to do it. There is no guarantee I would get a place anyway but if I did I would need to be 100% committed to have a chance of completing.

Then I came across a new race in the UK which really caught my attention. It is called the Northern Traverse and follows the classic Wainwright Coast to Coast path.

NT web site

It is 190 miles from St Bees in the Lake District to Robin Hood’s Bay in the North York Moors going through the Peak District in the middle.

NT overview

It is not cheap at £350 but that’s a lot less than going to UTMB (which is a factor in my thinking).  I have ordered Wainwright’s book from Amazon to give me an idea of the route. It would be a massive challenge but very different to anything I have done so far.

We are away in Thurso this weekend visiting Hollie so I’m going to give myself a few days to mull it over but don’t be surprised if you see my name on the start list early next week!!!!  Anyone else tempted???

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1 Response to Midweek runs and plans for next year

  1. Gordon Reed says:

    It is very tempting I agree and a different set of challenges to UTMB. I have 3 points for TDS or CCC and my thinking being that I hit 40 at the start of April … Chamonix would be a fantastic trip for both Lyndsay and I. Although she is a teacher and term times also come into play. Currently listing my running goals for 2016 inc the ones that got away from me this year. Northern Traverse may have to wait I think?

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