Guess My Time Entries

Thanks to those who have entered my latest ‘Guess My Time’ Competition.

I’ve had 36 guesses as follows …

GMT Ben Nevis

They break down as follows …

  • sub 7:30 – 18 guesses
  • 7:30-8:00 – 13 guesses
  • over 8:00 – 5 guesses

The good thing is that it will be a pb as I’ve not done the race before so my run of pb’s in ultras will be extended to 10 races!  The run goes back to 14th September 2013. Four of those nine races were new so as long as I finished it was a pb but five (Hardmoors 55 twice, Hardmoors 110, Cateran and Lakeland 100) were genuine pb’s in that I beat my previous best time.

It will get harder from now on so maybe I should just do new races to keep the sequence going!!!

I’m not going to run with my iPhone but will try and post my time as soon as I can once the race is over. There is timing chips but I don’t think it will be posted live.

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1 Response to Guess My Time Entries

  1. robert snodgrass says:

    Good luck John

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