Club Fartlek Run

Most of our regular Monday night group had run the Great Scottish Run Half Marathon so I wasn’t surprised that there was only two of us for the session last night.

Gina was happy to do any session so we decided to keep it simple and do 15 x 2mins (with 1min recovery). That way we wouldn’t be too far away from each other which was important as Gina made the mistake I did last week and didn’t bring a head torch. At least I had mine this week.

I was hoping that I would be close to the 5 miles for the 30mins of hard running. I had a longer run on Saturday and thought it might mean my legs were a bit heavy.

I pushed as hard as I could right through the session and was happy with my stats.

fartlek 10-05

I just missed out on the 5 mile mark but I was pleased that I finished the session well. I would start 20 yards behind Gina and would catch him after a minute or so. On the last two he dug in and stayed with me so we most pushed each other hard.

I always love my heart rate graphs after a session like this ….

hr 10-05 fartlek

It shows a good even effort through the session.

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