Mid week runs

Quick summary of my last two runs before we head off to Liverpool for the weekend.

Wednesday – easy lunch time run

I was able to run at lunchtime and did almost 6 miles around Pollok Park in slight drizzle

Thursday – Ben Lomond Run

It was a lovely evening last night so I was looking forward to being able to get to the top this week after last weeks shortened effort due to the road accident.

I worked fairly hard on the way up and made it in 1:12:07 feeling good. There was a little bit of cloud on the top but I didn’t hang around. I was keen to complete the loop in under 2hrs. My legs were feeling so much better than the last week or so on the down hill. They had a bit more spring to them whereas last week they felt very heavy and stiff.

My key words were light and nimble! I’m sure I was anything but light and nimble but it seemed to help.

It took me 44:06 on the way down which added up to 1:56:15 so well inside my 2hr aim. It was getting dark as I finished which gave a nice effect to my finishing photo!

John 10-08

We are planning to run the Princes parkrun in Liverpool tomorrow which will be my first parkrun other than Pollok. It will be interesting to see how much quicker I can go on a flatter course!

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