Princes parkrun race report

Katrina and I were down in Liverpool and Wrexham for the weekend to celebrate my sister’s 60th birthday so we decided to run the Princes parkrun on Saturday morning.  We have only ever run parkrun at Pollok Park so we were looking forward to trying a different one.

We parked in Sefton Park just after 8.30am which gave us time to run over to Princes Park and do a recce of the lap. The course is two and a half laps of the park.

route 10-10

The route was quite varied with some up hill, down hill and on different width of paths and different types of surface.

There were about 200 running so I started fairly near the front as the path did narrow after half a mile or so. I was interested to see whether I could faster than 19:54 that I ran a couple of weeks ago at Pollok. I could feel my quads from Thursday’s Ben Lomond Run.

I like to run these 5k’s without looking at my watch at all as basically I’m trying to run as hard as I can for as long as I can!

I went past a few runners early on and then settled into my position. I counted about 20 runners ahead as we turned left at the Obelisk. For the remainder of the race I over took a few more runners and was overtaken by a few near the end.

Looking at my splits afterwards I ran the first mile in 5:58, the second in 6:23 and the third in 6:23.

splits 10-10 I felt as though I was slowing a bit on third mile so I was happy to see that I did keep it going to the end. I finished 19th in 19:28 so I was 28 seconds faster than Pollok.

parkrun 10-10

I like the fact that parkrun also give you a age graded % and if you sort by that column I came 2nd!!

age graded 10-10

Katrina also enjoyed her run. She is still struggling a bit with her sore knee but it seems to be getting a bit better slowly.

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1 Response to Princes parkrun race report

  1. Well done John, another good time. The Age Grading value is really impressive.

    Can’t help feel that you need to practice 5k race pace a bit more as you’re going out a well bit too fast then slowing perhaps more than you would have otherwise. I suspect if you set off a 6:05 pace you’d be able to hang on to that pace for longer, and perhaps even get a sub 19min time.

    I’m also curious about how your last two 5k compare to the 10k your did recently, I do wonder if the 10k might have been measured a bit short.

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