Double Ben Lomond Run

On my plan for these few weeks I had my double Ben Lomond for next week but it made more sense to do it this week as it’s half term. Even though I’m in work it was easier to get away early afternoon so I could get my double run in before it gets dark.

I set off with a plan to try and run each loop in 2hrs. I thought it was maybe a bit ambitious and that proved true!

I felt pretty good on the first loop and reached the top in 1:12:22 and ran down feeling fairly comfortable in 48:46 making 2:01:08 all together. There were plenty of people enjoying the lovely weather though the cloud base was about 2,000 ft so no views from the top.

I was really impressed with how many children there were climbing the Ben. I must have counted at least 8 under 12’s which is very impressive.

I also passed a runner on his way up. He asked whether I was on target for 2hrs. I wondered whether he reads my blog??  This morning I checked on Strava Flyby and discovered it was

I stopped for just over 3 mins to refill my water bottle and set off for the second loop. It’s laways funner seeing the reaction of people when they realise you are going back up again for another climb!

I reached my mini-split at the gate just over 2 mins slower than the first climb. I could feel my legs a bit but generally felt okay.  I pushed as hard as I could and made the top in 1:18:41 so I was 6mins slower.

As I set off on the second descent I knew it was going to be hard as my quads tender and I felt gernally heavy and a bit sluggish. I tried as hard as I could but I knew I was going quite a bit slower. I reached my mini split on the way down almost 10mins slower than the first descent. Then I lost another 10mins over the final 1.56 mile!

The second loop took me 2:25:44 so almost 25mins slower and the majority of that was on the downhill. Fitness wise I felt okay but it was the descending that let me down. I’m hoping that bythrashing my quads like this they will repair stronger and come the White Rose Ultra in two and half weeks I’ll be fine and able to run strongly on the downhills. That’s the theory and hope anyway!

I did this double run a day or so before we flew to Indonesia as my last long effort before the Lakeland 100.  The comparison is interesting.

Ben Lomond stats

I was slower on the first loop in June but ran the second one faster whereas yesterday I was a lot slower on the second loop. The ascent was okay but the descent was hard!

I ran today at lunch time around Pollok Park and my quads were quite tender but it was good to a recovery run and get moving again.

My plan for my long run on Saturday is to get the train to Milngavie then run the 26miles to Rowardennan where Katrina will pick me up. Then we’ll treat ourselves to lunch at the Oak Tree in Balmaha!

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