Guess My Time Competition for the White Rose Ultra

My fifth and final ultra of the year is coming up in less than two weeks so it’s time to open up my traditional ‘Guess My Time’ competition.

The good people at have offered a pair of Drymax socks for the person who guesses the closest to my finishing time in hours, minutes and seconds.

drymax socks

Plus the limited edition key ring which are highly sought after!!!

key ring

Plus your name on my Hall Of Fame!!!!

GMT Hall of Fame

All you have to do to win is guess how long it will take me to run the White Rose Ultra (60 miles) on Sunday 1st November 2015 (starting at 8am) in hours, minutes and seconds.

To give you an idea the race is 2 laps of 30 miles in Yorkshire.

WR ultra

The profile of the course ….

White Rose profile

This was the profile from last year when the race started near Marsden. So on the profile the lap this year starts at the 13 mile mark. The web site states there are 3,865ft of climb so double that for the 2 laps 6,730ft which is not too different (7,423ft) to the Hardmoors 60 I ran last year in 11:51:20.

My goals for the race are as follows …

  • Bronze: under 13hrs
  • Silver: under 12hrs 30mins
  • Gold: under 12hrs

Plus I’m going to have a Platinum goal for this one just in case everything goes really well!!

  • Platinum: sub 11hrs 30mins

I’m also keen to see if I can run two even laps. I reckon most people will run the first one significantly faster than the second so if I can run more evenly then I should be catching people!

If you would like to take part please send your guess by 6pm on Friday 30th October 2015 by any of the following ways! (Please not there will be only one guess per time so if your time has been taken I’ll ask you to submit another one!) ..

  • Leave a comment on my blog
  • Facebook – John Kynaston
  • Twitter – @jkynaston
  • Text – 07905 218162
  • Email – or
  • In person!

I have hired a tracker from the race organisers so if you want to follow my progress throughout the race go to the race web site where hopefully they will have a link. If they post it before the weekend I’ll share it here and on twitter and facebook!

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17 Responses to Guess My Time Competition for the White Rose Ultra

  1. robert snodgrass says:

    11:24:30 good luck John

  2. nwolverson says:


    Definitely would expect most people to run 1st lap quicker, particularly with darkness on the 2nd. Experience should pay off. Have a good one.

  3. james smith says:

    this is my entry for the guess my time competition john,i think you will run strong for both laps,have a great run and the best of luck.

  4. david says:

    11 hours 37 minutes 23 sceonds. Have a good run!

  5. Kynon says:

    Have a good race – hope all goes well on the day!

  6. Dave McLaren says:

    Have a great run, John!
    I reckon 11:51:42
    Dave McLaren

  7. Ollie says:

    11:47:00 Run Well!

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  9. Gary McLinton says:

    All the best I put you aT 12hrs 2 minns

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