Club Fartlek Run

I wanted to do a final Fartlek session but I didn’t really want to push as hard as normal. Katrina’s running buddy Tracey has started coming on a Monday so I thought if I ran with Tracey then it would hopefully help her and also help me. A win win situation!

Ryan was the only other runner who could make it so it worked out well. The session we decided on was 5 x [4mins (2mins recovery), 2mins (1min)].

I was interested to see what my HR would be like running at nearer 7min per mile rather than 6min per mile. Here are our stats for the session.

fartlek 10-19 with tracey

My HR is normally around 148-150 for these sessions so I was pleased with the run. Tracey worked hard and I was impressed that she was able to pick up the pace for the final set after slowing a bit on the 4th set.

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