Midweek runs

With just over a week to go to the White Rose Ultra I decided on a couple of easier runs yesterday and today after work.

Wednesday – Brodie Park

I had thought about doing one more Ben Lomond but decided I wouldn’t gain much from it and had more to lose if my quads didn’t recover in time. So I ran my loops around Brodie Park instead.

To make it a bit more interesting I alternated laps easy, hard, easy and hard. I did feel a bit sluggish but my quads feel recovered so that’s good.

laps 10-21

Thursday – Pollok Park

I ran my loop around Pollok Park after work and felt pretty good. I ran the 3rd mile a bit quicker as I’m doing the Victoria Park Run on Saturday so thought it would be good to push the pace a bit.

splits 10-22

As I was running through Pollok Park a runner came towards going a decent pace and he greeted me by name. Sorry I didn’t remember your name! Once I downloaded my run on strava I was hoping his run would show up but nothing yet!

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