Springburn parkrun race report

Now that I’m not teaching swimming on a Saturday morning I’m able to do the parkruns more frequently. I’m enjoying doing one the week before an ultra as it gives me a good idea of where my fitness is at and also breaks up the taper with one shorter faster run which doesn’t take too much out of the legs!

I had planned to do the Victoria parkrun as I’ve not done that one before but our friends Neal and Caroline were doing the Springburn one so I decided to join them.

I saw on Twitter that Springburn were having a backwards run this week.  I assumed that meant they were running the course in reverse but I must admit I did worry they were going to expect us to run backwards!!!

It didn’t make any difference to me which was round we were going as I’ve never done this race before. The route is two and a half times round the park and it’s a great loop with lots of variety. It was a bit hillier than I thought it would be as well.

route 10-24 springburn parkrun

I set off about 7th and could see that the leading runner was away fairly quickly but the 6 runners ahead of me were within touch as we ran the first half loop. Once we got on to the first loop I slowly caught up with the runners ahead.

There were a few puddles on the course and it did make me smile when the runners ahead were running around them or tip toeing through the water. I on the other hand ran straight through every puddle!

One guy was away in 2nd place but I eventually I caught the guy in 3rd and we ran together for the remainder of the first loop and half the second loop. We came to a slight rise and I pushed on and couldn’t hear the guy behind so assumed I’d dropped him.

I was chuffed to be in 3rd place!!  I fully realise that the majority of the better runners were missing as the National Cross Country Relays were on in the afternoon but it’s always to finish in a podium position but as Neal always reminds me (especially when I beat him!!!) that it’s not a race.

I did try and run at a more even pace which I think I did and I certainly felt I was running strong right to the end. I ran back down the course as a warm up and ran in with Caroline. Neal and Caroline are doing the Cross Country in the afternoon so only wanted to have an easy run to tick off another parkrun on their way to 100!

splits 10-24 parkrun
Heart Rate graph of my run …

hr 10-24 parkrun

Results from the parkrun from the web site. You might never see this again!

parkrun 10-24

With a week to go before the White Rose Ultra I feel in good shape and certainly ready for the race. So far I have 28 guesses for my ‘Guess My Time’ competition. You have until 6pm on Friday to send in your guess if you want to take part.

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