Midweek runs

I ran three times this week Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. A brief summary …

Monday – Club Fartlek Session

The weather was a bit wild but as we run out an back on the cycle track it didn’t seem too bad.

There were 6 of us running including Tracey. The session was 6 x [3mins (90sec recovery), 2min (1min)] so I decided to run with Tracey for the first 4 sets and push a bit harder for the final two.

Fartlek 11-16

My HR graph shows the increase in effort!! I messed up my watch by pressing the stop button instead of the lap button at the start of the session after the warm up so this graph is just the session and cool down!

HR 11-16

Wednesday – run after work

It was really windy for this run. I ran my normal loop around Paisley which meant that half of the run was with the wind and felt easy whereas the other half was into the wind and tough!

Thursday – run after work

This run was very wet and windy. I had been organising a cross country race in the afternoon with the schools I work with so I was expecting the run to be a bit of a chore but felt okay.

It’s runs like this that I get a lot of pleasure out of in the sense that it would be so much easier not to go out but once I have it feels good to have run.

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