Glasgow University 5 mile race report

I’m really enjoying having a race every weekend. Today I entered the Glasgow University 5 mile race. I have done this race once before but it must have been before 2006 as I can’t find it on my blog!

The weather was pretty wild but by the time we started it wasn’t too bad and the rain stopped after 10 mins or so.

The course is almost two laps starting and finishing in different parts of the lap.route 11-28 Glasgow Uni 5

I set off just behind Kilbarchan club mate Robert Snodgrass and basically stayed there for the whole race.

I wanted to run as hard as I could but making sure I could maintain the pace throughout the race. I knew there were a couple of steeper hills each loop so I needed to be sensible.

I felt pretty good on the first lap and after overtaking a few runners early on I stayed in the same position. I could see Robert not too far ahead and a couple of times I thought I was catching him but the gap never got any smaller.

On the second loop I had to dig in a bit and I felt my 3rd mile was my slowest. I didn’t loop at my watch at all during the race but once I’d downloaded the splits it did confirm that.

I was overtaken by a few guys on the 4th mile but then for the last mile I tried hard to stay with them and was happy with my finish.

I’ve not seen any official results yet so not sure what position and time I finished.

I enjoyed the race and would like to say a thank you to those who organised the race and especially the marshals out on the course in the wet and wind!

splits 11-18 glasgow 5HR 11-18 Glasgow 5

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