Midweek Runs

I feel as though I’m ticking over at the moment but that was always the plan. I have about 30 miles to complete my 2015 miles in 2015 so I should achieve that by the end of next week.

I’m also enjoying doing a race each weekend. This Saturday it will be the Pollok parkrun joining our friends Neal & Caroline and lots of others to celebrate Neal’s 40th birthday.

Monday – Club Fartlek run

We were back on the cycle track this week for our session of 10 x 3mins (with 90secs recovery).

I decided straight away that my legs were pretty mashed from the cross country the day before so decided to pace Tracey. I was happy with that decision as the session went on. Donald and Robert, who also ran the West District Cross Country in the slushy mud, were also finding it hard going.

fartlek 12-07

I had a good chat with Hayley Haining on the warm up and cool down. I was keen to ask Hayley about her race strategy. In particular I was interested to know whether she changed her plan depending on the opposition.

Basically she concentrated on her own race and pace and only thought about racing others in the last mile or so.

Wednesday – run after work

As I drove home from work it was pouring down with rain and the wind was battering the car but by the time I got changed and was ready to run the rain had stopped and even though it was still windy it didn’t feel too bad.

I remembered to take my head torch as there is a section of this regular route I do that has no street lights.

Thursday – lunchtime run

It was good to be able to get out for a run at lunchtime in the day light. For the first time for a week or two I didn’t wear a jacket so that was good.

I ran a different route as I tend to do the same run around Pollok Park. This one went past Rosshall School and back.

route 12-10

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