Pollok parkrun

I was looking forward to running today as it would be my first run at Pollok since 26th September when I ran it in 19:56. Also Neal is 40 this week and is having a get together at their house this afternoon and encouraged friends to run with him this morning.

Katrina also was keen to run so we arrived in time for a warm up where I caught up with Neal. True to form Neal complained about having sore legs from his 25 mile run yesterday!

I decided to set off near the front as it can get quite congested early on. I started with Neal and could hear him chatting away for the first few minutes to a friend just behind me. I was breathing fairly hard so didn’t join in!

I felt I settled into a good pace straight away and held it all the way round. I caught a few people on the first loop and then basically held my position.

I went past 4 runners with about a mile to go and pushed as hard as I could to the end. I finished just behind a lady called Hilary who was dressed in a Santa suit! One guy went past both of us on the final downhill.

I finished 15th in 19:52 so I was really pleased with my run.  Plus it’s always a bonus to finish ahead of Neal whether he ran 25 miles yesterday or not!!

parkrun results 12-12

I always enjoying seeing where I finished when you sort by the age graded column.

parkrun results age 12-12

I was pleased with my splits in that the 3rd mile was my fastest.

splits 12-12 parkrun

My heart rate graph was also interesting showing that my HR went gradually up during the race … sorry run!

hr 12-12 parkrun

Steven was watching with Kirsty and Isla and was taking some photos. Thanks Steven.

parkrun 1

Near the start with Neal hanging on!!

parkrun 2

Half way round

parkrun 3

Final hill chasing Mrs Santa

parkrun 4

Thanks for the photos Steven

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