Bonus run on the Kilpatricks

I had planned to have a day off today but last night at Neal’s ‘get together’ Marco invited me to join him, Thomas, Matt and others for a run. We are only doing 10 miles and it will be at a really easy pace.

It sounded good so I got up early and met them at 8am for a run on Kilpatricks. I suspected it wouldn’t be 10 miles (it was 12.65 miles) and it may have been at an easy pace for Marco but I was working fairly hard!!

Marco took us on a variation of the route that he originally took me on which was good. route 12-13

The weather was great … cold but not much wind and a layer of cloud that we were above so the views were excellent.

I was able to chat to most of the group at various times which is half the fun for me. I’ve not been able to run with Thomas for a few years as he’s been injured so it was great to run together again.

Marco is running a 24hr race in Barcelona next weekend so we all wished him well. I took a few photos along the way.

Kilpatricks 1

Kilpatricks 2

Thomas took this one so I could get in!

kilpatricks 3

I like the view of Ben Lomond behind me covered in snow.

view 1

view 2

On the way back we met Pete and Aurel who were out for a run so I got another photo with them included.

kilpatricks 4

Thanks for inviting me Marco. I really enjoyed my bonus run! I have now run 2,002.55 miles this year so I just have 12.45 miles to go to reach my 2015 miles in 2015 target.

2015 miles 12-13 v2

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