Kilbarchan Christmas Handicap Race

I always try and take part in this race as I really enjoy it. Last night there were 14 of us doing the full race which is two laps of th3 2.1 mile course. Plus there were a number of youngsters running one lap.

There was a slight change to the course as we were directed to run around the outside of the small wooded area rather than through it which I think was a good move as it is very dark in the woods and hard to see your feet.

I reckoned it added 0.3 miles to each lap so 0.6 mile overall.

Here is the overall route …

route 12-21 christmas handicap

I set off on my own 30secs behind Alan Craig. It is very difficult working out the handicaps. I’ve done it for a few years so I know. Alan is a stronger faster runner than me so I knew I wouldn’t be catching him.

There were a few runners starting after me who I thought would struggle to catch me so I suspected I would be on my own for most of the race and that’s how it worked out.

I ran as hard as I could but tried to pace it sensibly so I could finish strong. I was caught by 3 runners before I had completed the first lap. I ran the first loop in 14:02.

As I set off on the second loop I could see one or two runners ahead and hoped I might catch one or two of them. I eventually caught Brian and then two more runners including Linda. Jennifer was just head but I wasn’t able to catch her.

I ran the second loop in 14:21 so 19 secs slower than the first loop. I was pretty happy with that. Interestingly I ran at exactly the same pace as last year 6:38 though I was 19 secs slower which was due to the extra 0.6 mile.

Katrina had a good run and I didn’t see her at all. She said she was leading at the final corner when 4 runners went past her in the final 400 yards.

Conor Thomson won the Handicap Race. The full results haven’t been posted yet so I’ll add them when they are available.


John Rodger presenting Conor Thomson with the Christmas Handicap Trophy.

Photo of most of the runners …

Christmas Handicap

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2 Responses to Kilbarchan Christmas Handicap Race

  1. Steven Hill says:

    Are you sure that added on 0.6 miles, do you maybe mean 0.06 miles! 😉
    Can you really run 0.6 miles in 19 seconds. 🙂

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