Christmas day parkrun at Pollok

Merry Christmas! I hope you had a great day yesterday. We certainly did as a family.

I started the day with running the Pollok parkrun. I was impressed with how many turned up … 442 which created a great atmosphere. It was a slightly longer course as part of the normal route was under water.

I was undecided about whether to push hard so once I realised the course was slightly different it made up my mind. I could see Neal was up for a good run so decided to get my excuses in early in true Neal style!! I also wore a Christmas hat!

We’ve had a bug going round the family this week and unusually for me I caught it. I felt pretty rotten on Tuesday but felt better by Wednesday so went for an easy run with Katrina.

I did run fairly hard but didn’t approach the red line. My average HR was 145 whereas it’s normally 155 or so if I’m flat out.  On the first long hill I was overtaken by a runner pushing a stroller!! He looked a very good runner though!

I enjoyed the slightly different route especially as I wasn’t too bothered about time. I ended up 59th in 22:50.

christmas parkrun.png

It was good to chat to friends after the run before heading home to join the family for a late breakfast where Neal & Caroline joined us.

The rest of the day was spent with our growing family. We went for a walk, played games, ate a superb meal, played some more games and generally had a lovely day.

family dec 15

We are still waiting for baby Park to arrive. Laura’s due date was 21st Dec so she is more than ready for his appearance!



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