First run of 2016

I don’t think I’ve gone 13 days at the beginning of a year without running for a number of years.

If you have read my blog post about my collapse on New Year’s Eve you will know that I cracked my ribs on the left side of my body when I fell and they have been really sore. I was due to go back to work on Tuesday 4th January after the holidays but the day before I sneezed and my ribs were sooo sore I couldn’t bend over to put my socks on! I went to A&E and got some stronger painkillers which helped.

I was back in work last Thursday as the pain wasn’t so bad. I was told that I shouldn’t drive (and run!) until I have had the further tests done (1hr heart echo and 24hr heart monitor). I was told that they would make a priority as they know I need to drive for work.

I still hadn’t heard anything so I rang the RAH in Paisley today to be told by the Cardiology Department that the referral for the tests hasn’t been sent to them. I spoke to the Consultant’s secretary and discovered that there has been a mix up somewhere and the tests have not been requested.

Hopefully things are moving now and I will get a date asap. I feel that there is nothing wrong and I just reacted to the virus that was going round the family but I understand that it is better to get it checked out to be on the safe side.

My ribs have been feeling better by the day and I’m not taking any painkillers now so decided I was going to start running again! I thought it would be good to have someone with me just in case so Katrina kindly agreed to run with me.

We ran just over 5 miles at 8:40 pace and I felt fine. I could feel my ribs especially over the last couple of miles when I was trying to talk and run!  I could see Katrina glancing over now and then to make sure I wasn’t about to keel over but I feel absolutely fine.

So I’m going to build up slowly again and work towards my next ultra race in March.

On a happy family note. Our third grandson arrived on Monday 4th January. Congratulations to Laura & Josh on the safe birth of Micah James Park. He weighed in at 9lbs and is doing really well.

Park family

girls and boys

Emma and Noah (7 months), Laura and Micah (newborn) and Jo & Seth (5 months)


Proud Grandparents!!

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