Plans for 2016

I feel I’m slowly getting back into the routine of running. My ribs are still a little sore and I feel generally a bit under the weather so I’ve decided to just keep ticking over running wise until I feel nearer 100%.

I had a run with my friend Jonny after work on Thursday. It felt okay but I didn’t feel I had much spring in my step!

Today I was hoping to do a parkrun. Our good friends Neal and Caroline reached their 100th parkrun today and we were hoping to join them but we had ordered some new small tables and they were due to be delivered between 10am and 2pm so one of us needed to be in.

Neal and Caroline kindly offered to pick me up but I had a disturbed sleep with my sore ribs so decided to miss the parkrun. Congratulations to Neal and Caroline for reaching the milestone.

I took some painkillers and they kicked in so by lunchtime I felt a lot better and Katrina fancied a run in the falling snow so I joined her. We had a lovely run as the snow was falling and sticking.

I had one moment when I slipped on a bit of ice and fell on my bottom. Thankfully I didn’t fall on my ribs so all was good!

run in the snow

It has been a slow start to the year and I’m ready almost 90 miles down on the aim to run 2016 miles but I have plenty of time to catch up!!

So far I have entered two races for 2016 …

I’ve decided over the next two years I’m going to push myself distance wise. Over the last 2 years my goal was to achieve personal bests in the Hardmoors 110 (2014) and Lakeland 100 (2015) . I achieved both and don’t feel I’ll be able to go much faster over those races.

So my two year plan is to challenge myself to see if I can run further. My two year plan is:-

I have some other thoughts for 2-3 other ultras for the rest of the year. I would like to do some races that I haven’t done before.

As far as training for the two Hardmoors races I’m going to properly start training once my ribs feel a lot better.

I have heard from RAH in Paisley and I have an appointment next Wednesday for the first of the tests they want me have so things are moving forward.



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3 Responses to Plans for 2016

  1. Murdo says:

    Looks like The Spine might beckon in c 3 years time, John! 😊

  2. Maybe .. I’ve not ruled it out but I would need to invest in some better winter gear!

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