Heart Monitoring Tests

This week I’ve had a couple of runs so far. On Monday night I was back at Kilbarchan club for the Fartlek session. The snow was still on the ground so we went to the industrial estate where the lorries come and go so the road is clear.

I wanted to ease back in so I stayed with Katrina for most of the session. It was good to be back and I enjoyed the run.Katrina’s knee was a little sore so we didn’t do the final two runs. The session was 1 min (30 sec recovery), 2min (1min), 3min (90secs), 4mins (2mins), 5mins (2mins), 4mins (2mins), 3min (90secs).

fartlek 01-18

Today I ran home from work as I had an appointment at the RAH (Royal Alexandra Hospital) in Paisley for my second test.

On Monday I had an Heart Echo where basically they took an ultra scan of my heart to check everything is working okay.

Today I have been given a Heart Rate Monitor to wear for a day. They will then analyse the data again to make sure nothing is out of the ordinary.

Heart Monitor test

It will be good to get the all clear!

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1 Response to Heart Monitoring Tests

  1. oooo, ever the geek, you should stick on your own HR monitor to calibrate it against the
    professional kit 🙂

    Fingers crossed you’ll get the all clear and can relax and get back to usual training.

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