Midweek Runs

Firstly a quick update on my Heart Tests. The consultant at the Royal Alexandria Hospital in Paisley rang yesterday. I was in the middle of an event at the Emirates so had to ring back. I spoke to the consultant’s secretary who told me that my heart is fine and that I’m able to drive and run again.  So that’s all good news. Thanks to everyone who liked my message on Facebook. Almost 300 ‘likes’ !!

RAH tweet

I did ask whether it was possible to see the details of the report. She explained that they don’t normally send the report but she would ask and see whether it is possible. I’m interested to see what it says!

This week I’ve had 3 runs so far …

Monday – Club Fartlek Session

I decided to try and push a bit harder than last week. The session was 10 x 3mins with 90 seconds recovery. We ran around the 1.5k loop at the back of the On-X Centre at Linwood. It makes a change from running on the cycle track.

There was a good group of us so plenty of runners to chase and be chased by.

For the first 4 I was feeling okay but I really struggled for the final 6. You can’t fake these runs. You either have the fitness to maintain an equal effort throughout the session or you don’t and on Monday I didn’t have it. But I completed the session and this gives me a base line to work from. At least my last one wasn’t the slowest!

fartlek 01-25

Wednesday – Early Morning run

Jo & Seth were down from Inverness to visit and as they were coming for tea I didn’t want to run after work so I was up and out by 6am to run just over 6 miles. I took it steady but I can feel that my ribs are definitely on the mend.

It was good to get the run out of the way before work. I was at the Emirates for the third day on the run as we were doing some some Athletics events. Laura Muir and her coach Andy Young were there as well so they called in and we got a great photo of Laura with the children who were taking part in the event.

Laura Muir

Thursday – Lunchtime run

I was able to run at lunchtime today so it was nice to be able to run in the daylight. Plus it was very mild so no gloves or jacket.

I’ve worked out a new route from my new place of work which doesn’t involve running along the along the Barrhead Road.

I averaged 7:38 pace and for the first time for a while I felt I had a bit of a spring in my step. Still a long way to go but at least I feel I’m heading in the right direction.

route 01-28

I’m looking forward to running with the whw training weekend on Saturday. The plan is to run from Balmaha to Inversnaid and back (30 miles) though some will turn back earlier.  I’m planning to take it very steady on the way out and see what I have in my legs for the return journey!


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