Midweek Runs

I really like to have variety in my runs and for each session to have a purpose. I do have a fair number of easy runs throughout the year but when I’m in a phase of training for a particular ultra I like to feel each session has a distinct purpose.

This week has been a good example. I’ve run Monday – speed session with the club, Wednesday – lunchtime tempo run and Thursday – after work hill session.

Monday – Club Fartlek Session

We had a good turnout for our session on Monday night including Hayley H. It was fairly mild and I ran without gloves which was good. I did regret wearing my jacket though as I felt I was overheating a bit!

The session was 1min (45sec recovery) then 4 times [2min (1min) + 5mins (2min)} with a final 1min at the end.

I was keen to push as hard as I could and see how I felt. Most of the runners in the group were running faster than me so I started near the front and tried to hang on to various runners as they caught me and overtook me. It certainly made me work harder.

I was pleased that I was able to keep my pace consistent throughout the session.

fartlek 02-08

Wednesday – Lunchtime Tempo Run

The weather was lovely for my lunchtime run around Pollok Park so I decided to up the pace a bit. I ran an easy warm up mile then 4 miles at tempo pace. I was aiming for sub 7min per mile. Then an easy mile as a cool down at the end.

The first mile of the tempo felt okay but I had to concentrate and work hard on the 2nd mile. Funnily enough the 3rd and 4th felt a bit better but I was happy to do just 4miles at that pace at the moment!

Tempo 02-10

Thursday – After work Hill session

This was my first run of 2016 at my local park. It’s always a good session as on each loop I have two uphill runs and two downhill runs so I feel it’s working lots of muscles. It’s all on grass as well which makes me work harder!

The ground was a bit boggy in places which makes the run a bit harder. I got progressively slower (9:08, 9:31, 9:44 & 9:59) but felt it was a good session.

I’ve doing some planning for my Hardmoors races that are coming up. For the Hardmoors 55 I’m going down on my own and will run unsupported but for the Hardmoors 160 I need a support team. Katrina is going to come down on Saturday by train and join me but I needed some help for the whole weekend.

My good friends Andy and Sarah have very kindly offered to help. They ran the Hardmoors 160 last year so know the route like the back of their hand. I couldn’t think of a better couple to help. I’m going to chat to them tonight to start the ball rolling with what I’ve got organised so far.

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