Running at Thurso

We were away over the long weekend visiting our daughter Hollie in Thurso. Laura and Micah came with us so we really enjoyed spending time with them as well. We also visited Jo, Jono & Seth in Inverness on the way up and the way down.

We had a great time and we did well with the weather!

I was able to get out for three runs in the four days we were there. I was hoping to at least one off road run but I couldn’t really find a good off road path.

Saturday – 14 mile road run

I set off at 3.15pm and worked out a route which would take me to Halkirk, where Hollie teaches, then take a right to Calder before heading back to Thurso.

route 02-13 Thurso

The wind was behind me on the way out but against me on the way back! I was feeling pretty good for the whole route. This is furthest that I’ve run on road for quite a while. Normally any runs over 10 miles will be off road.

thurso 2

Sunday – Road run with Katrina

Katrina wanted to do 5 miles or so and I was after nearer 8 so we ran together for one loop of Thurso and then I did a few extra miles. The loop took us along the beach and the wind was really strong coming off the sea. We had to work hard to make sure we weren’t pushed over!

route 02-14 Thurso

I took a photo on my second loop running along the cliff top.

thurso 3

Tuesday – road run

I had my final Thurso run before breakfast as we were heading home at 10am. I wanted to do 6 miles so did my Thurso loop but added on a couple of miles at the far end. I came across a path which looks as though it goes along the cliff west so I will try that next time we are visiting Hollie.

route 02-16

I was in the Boys Brigade in Liverpool for a number of years and so was keen to get a photo next to the sign which says that William Smith lived here. I remember as a 13 yr old having to know where the BB started and by whom to get my first BB badge!

thurso 6

Finally a few photos from our trip to Thurso …

thurso 1

thurso 4

Seth & Micah

Seth and Micah


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