Midweek Runs

This week was my easier week after Saturday’s 32 miles. Also I’m running the National Cross Country on Saturday so hoped to recover a bit in time to have a decent run in Falkirk.

Monday – Club Run

I went down to the club with Katrina and Tracey but I didn’t plan to do the Fartlek session. Robert, who I ran with on Saturday, had arranged to run with Alan C and his group of teenage girls on their 6 mile loop. Jennifer was also looking for a steady run so the 3 of us joined in with Alan and the girls.

I was very impressed with the girls …. they were all wearing white tops so could be clearly seen and stopped and waited at all the road junctions to cross safely!

route 02-22

Wednesday – Lunchtime Tempo Run

I didn’t want to do a 4 mile tempo within the 6 mile run so decided to break it down a bit and run an easy mile followed by a harder mile x 3.

tempo 02-24

After the first tempo mile of 6:51 I decided to aim to run the next one in 6:45 and the third one in 6:40 which is what I was able to do!  I ran as hard as I could and counted 4 lots of 40 breathes before checking my watch. I would normally be around 0.60 of the mile and then I knew whether I needed to push a bit harder or ease off a bit.

On the second mile after 0.62 miles I was at 6:35 pace but there had been a bit of downhill so it evened off by the time I reached the mile.  On the third mile I was at 6:45 after 0.55 mile so I had to speed up a bit to reach my goal of 6:40.

Thursday – Hill session after work

I wasn’t able to run at lunchtime today so headed to Brodie Park after work and did my 4 laps of the park. I’m running the National Cross Country at Falkirk on Saturday so didn’t want to push too hard.

I decided to do an easy lap, a hard lap, an easy lap and finish with a hard lap. My four times for the 1.08 mile lap were …

  • 9:36
  • 8:24
  • 9:48
  • 8:12

So I was happy with that.  Rest day tomorrow before Saturday’s cross country effort!


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