Kilpatricks Run

I was looking forward to getting back on the Kilpatricks and it didn’t disappoint! I left home just after 8am and was running by 8.30am. I decided to do the 18 mile loop clockwise that Marco has taken me on.

route 03-05

The weather was superb. It was a cold early on and I wore my gloves for most of the run but I didn’t get my jacket out at all. It was fairly windy on the tops but the views of the snow covered hills in the distance made up for it.

Early on I thought it was going to be a bit of a struggle but after about 20mins I felt a lot better and enjoyed the rest of the run. I feel my fitness and particularly my endurance is slowly coming back.

I stopped to take some photos and send a few tweets on my way round.

03-05 kilpatricks 2

03-05 kilpatricks 1

03-05 kilpatricks 3

03-05 kilpatricks 4

I ran the 18.06 miles in 3:57:38 which is by no means my fastest but it must be one of my favourite runs on the Kilpatricks.

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