Midweek Runs

I wanted to have three more quality runs plus a parkrun before a taper week for the Hardmoors 55 which is a week on Saturday.

Monday – Club Fartlek Session

The session was 6 x 5mins with a 2 min recovery. Normally the slowest starts at the front and the quickest starts a quite a few yards back so we finish fairly closest to each other.

Donald suggested that as we were running round the 1.5k loop behind the On-X centre that we would all start at the same place each time and note were we got to each time which would help us see how we were doing over the session.

route 03-07It worked really well as it gave everyone a point to aim for after the first one. Euan was leading the way followed by Chris and I with Donald hot on my heels. I was working as hard as I could and was happy with my effort.

fartlek 03-07I was pretty consistent throughout the session. I definitely feel I’ve turned a corner in my training and have a little of the spring back in my step.

Wednesday – Lunchtime Tempo Run

I was able to get out at lunchtime on Wednesday so decided to do the session I did a two weeks ago. 1 mile easy, 1 mile at Tempo pace x 3. I was interested to see whether I would be able to go a little quicker on each mile.

tempo 03-09 v2I was really pleased to see that I was 7 secs faster on the 1st mile and 12 secs faster on the 2nd and 3rd miles.  Another sign that my fitness is improving. I was working hard!

Thursday – Ben Lomond Run

Initially my plan was to repeat last week’s Drymen to Conic Hill and back. That would have been the sensible option but as I drove over to Drymen after work the evening was so good with clear blue skies that I decided to carry on to Rowardennan and do my Ben Lomond climb.

I haven’t been up there this year and thought it would be good to get one climb in before Hardmoors 55. I set off at 4.30pm in the sunshine. I paused for a photo half way up as it was so lovely.

03-10 ben l 1Once I got further up and into the snow I was still optimistic I would be able to reach the top.

03-10 ben l 2I love the way the sun shines on the top. I was wearing shorts and a long sleeved top and felt fine. I did put on gloves and a buff as it was a bit windy further up.

Once I started the final climb I realised that the snow was mainly ice and I was starting slip a bit. I followed a set of footprints which gave me some grip but half way up they stopped and I was really struggling to get any grip at all.

03-10 ben l 3I still had a fair way to go up this steep slope plus another two smaller climbs so decided to take the sensible option which is unusual for me and head down. I was on my own and one slip would result in a nasty fall with unknown consequences!

As I made way down I realised I didn’t want to miss seeing my grandsons grow up for the sake of getting to the top!! 03-10 ben l 4I made way down carefully over the snow and ice and realised that it would have been just as hard the other side on the tourist track. Once out of the snow I was able to have a decent run down but I do prefer to run down the Tourist track.

I made it down as it was getting dark but managed to make it without having to put on my head torch.

So an interesting run. Hopefully next time I’m up there the snow will have gone and I’ll make it to the top and complete the loop.

route 03-10We are off to Inverness this weekend as Katrina is running the Half Marathon on Sunday. I plan to run the Inverness parkrun on Saturday. I quite like doing a parkrun a week before an ultra as it gives me a good idea of where my fitness is at without damaging myself too much.

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